What is Viaticum?

Viaticum refers to the last reception of the Holy Eucharist before death. This “bread for the journey” serves as food for the soul's voyage into eternity.

The hours leading up to death are a privileged, critical time. Our last reception of Holy Communion—the living, incorruptible Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ—sustains us as we cross the threshold of death to eternity.

“Joyfully, we contemplate the most holy Eucharist.”

In John 6, Jesus teaches us that his Body is the bread of life. Through the grace given in the Eucharist, we can more fully unite our personal suffering and death to Christ’s own gift to the Father. Jesus offers us Viaticum as “provisions for the way” to strengthen us, removing any obstacle in the final stretch of our journey home to the Father’s house.