What is the resurrection of the body?

At the end of time, our very bodies will be raised and reunited with our souls. God will grant us a share in Christ’s own bodily resurrection—a glorified reunification of our body and soul.

We may not be able to wrap our minds around death, but we can certainly understand the desire to undo death’s separation of body and soul. The glorified reunion of body and soul is fitting, because this composite is what God made us to be in the beginning—a unity never meant to be divided.

“In the end, death is fully overcome. By way of the rejoining of the glorified soul with the glorified body, death is finally destroyed.”

In our Baptism, we participate in Jesus’ Death and Resurrection so that we might share Christ’s life. Like Jesus’ glorified Body, our resurrected bodies will be perfect, with no tension between the body and soul. St. Thomas Aquinas writes that when we are resurrected in glory, the joys of heaven will overflow from our souls to our bodies.