What is heaven?

Heaven is perfect communion with perfect love. It is the entrance into the divine life of the Triune God, who is all truth, love, and beauty.

Heaven is above and beyond the capacity of human words to describe. Our imagination cannot fathom heaven's glories and the joys God promises us if only we cooperate with his grace. We must recognize the truth of this promise and strive toward heaven as revealed to us in Scripture and the lives and writings of the saints.

"Imagination fails. It's incapable of describing the glories of heaven."

Every fiber of our being desires ultimate happiness, and only God can satisfy that desire. Still more, he offers us not just ultimate human happiness, but a share in his own divine happiness in the Beatific Vision of heaven.

Each Mass on earth is a foretaste of the heavenly liturgy in which we offer—with the angels—continuous worship to God, born of our ever-mounting joy in Him. In heaven, we love as the Ten Commandments teach us—without pain, tears, strife, or struggle. There our hearts are perfectly conformed to the Sacred Heart of Jesus, delighting totally in the unearned, gratuitous love of God.