What is a healthy roadmap for grief?

The journey through grief happens in stages: accepting the loss, processing it, adapting to a new normal, and moving forward.

Coping with a death requires us to accept the loss of our loved one and let ourselves experience emotions. Grief groups can be a powerful way to process alongside other people on the same journey. We must resist the danger of isolation by surrounding ourselves with people able to listen and offer support, as well as prioritize self-care.

“You can physically see relief come over them when they’re able to tell the story of what happened.”

We need to find a new normal externally, internally, and spiritually, and we must take our deceased loved one with us as we move forward in life without them.

One of the most helpful things we can do while walking with someone in grief is to just listen to them. “Tell me what happened.” From beginning to end, however long it takes, simply listen with patience and compassion.