How do I respond to a loved one’s terminal diagnosis?

It’s important for us to acknowledge reality with our loved ones, and simply be present with them. Let them know they’re not alone.

People don’t want to talk about death or dying. Fear of the unknown, anxiety, suffering... most people would rather avoid discussing the topic entirely, but nevertheless we must have these significant conversations.

“As family members, it’s important to listen to your loved one. There are a lot of things they communicate to you if you truly listen.”

Sometimes all we can do is be present with a loved one in their pain. The Blessed Virgin Mary, St. John the Apostle, and St. Mary Magdalene supported Jesus through their presence at the foot of the Cross. They offer us a powerful witness of how to accompany our loved ones in their suffering, trusting the Lord even if we don't fully understand his plan.

Through God’s grace, may we always recognize the inseparable nature of love and sacrifice, accept blessings amid trials, and remain steadfast in hope.